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That '90s Show: Meet the characters!

Back in April 2009, a YouTube group by the name of JAFSvideos started their own YouTube series called "That '90s Show". The show is basically a spoof of the 1998 Fox TV series "That '70s Show". The show centers around four teenagers named Faith (aka Gillz), Sarah, Andrew, and Loca in Long Island, New York in the year 1998. The show only had 2 episodes and 8 minisodes. They didn't have any more new episodes since then. In the first episode, the theme song was "In The Street" by Cheap Trick (the theme song to "That '70s Show"), but then in "Happy Campers?", the theme song was "All The Small Things" by Blink 182.

Faith (Gillz): Faith Gillen (aka Gillz) is kind of the leader of the group. In the first episode, Faith wore glasses, but for the rest of the episodes, mostly the minisodes, Faith didn't wear glasses. Faith has a stepsister named Alice whom Loca wasn't very nice to in the minisode "Alice". Faith used to date this boy named Bryan Ventura for 2 years until he moved away. Faith has a new boyfriend named Jake Hoge (aka Pogz) who is never seen on the show, not even in the minisodes. Faith also enjoys skateboarding. Faith also has a collection of snow globes on her dresser, and her bedroom mirror is always decorated with stickers, pictures, and cut-outs of logos. She also has a lot of posters on her bedroom walls. In the minisode "I Scream, You Scream We All....Play Blackjack?", she claims to have an old recipe for vanilla ice cream, which is just ice cubes, milk, and vanilla extract.

Sarah: Sarah Forman is the youngest of the group. In the episode "Happy Campers?", it was revealed that she has a crush on Andrew after Faith and Loca catch them making out in the tent while trying to scare them with a Ghostface mask and a Jason mask. In the first episode, she unknowingly invited Loca to move in with her after the gang finds out that she's an orphan.

Andrew: Andrew Newton is the only dude of the group. In the first episode, Andrew wore sunglasses (and then later, eyeglasses), and had long hair until Loca shaved his head. Andrew's hair was short throughout the series. In the minisode "Battle Of The Bands", It is revealed that Andrew has a band that bailed on him before Battle Of The Bands. In the episode "Happy Campers?", it was revealed that he had a crush on Sarah. Although, in "Battle Of The Bands", Andrew and Faith almost kissed. Andrew rides a purple bicycle that was stolen (but later returned) by Loca in the first episode. In the episode "Happy Campers?", when Faith and Sarah admit that they miss the '80s, Andrew tells them that of course they miss the '80s, and then says that the kids born in the '90s will miss the '90s, and the kids born in the 2000s will miss the 2000s, and then says that it's just a big cycle of bitching. Faith then says that no one's going to miss the '90s. Sarah then asks if kids are going to miss the show "Goosebumps", and then Andrew replies to Sarah "Hell no, that show sucks."

Loca: Loca is the tough Mexican immigrant girl of the group. In the first episode, the gang first meets Loca at 7-Eleven after she steals Andrew's bike (and shoes). The gang learn that Loca is an orphan. They let her join the group, and Sarah unknowingly invites Loca to move into her basement. In the minisode "Alice", Loca almost successfully tries to be nice to Faith's stepsister Alice, even with a bribe. In the first episode, Loca spoke with a Mexican accent, but for the rest of the series, she had no accent. Loca has a twin brother named Loco whom she planned to go to California with, but she got on the wrong plane, and Loca ended up in Long Island. Loco is never seen on the show, not even in the minisodes. In "Happy Campers?", it was revealed that Loca doesn't know how to skateboard. In the minisode "Battle Of The Bands", It's revealed that Loca is a terrible singer. When she tried to sing the song "I Miss You", she sung it so bad, Andrew's head exploded. (Andrew lived.) In the minisode "Kaity Sanders", Loca starts hanging out with Kaity Sanders, but when Kaity tells her to ditch those dweebs (Faith, Sarah, and Andrew), and hang out with her crew, Loca tells her that she'd rather hang out with those dweebs than with her, and decides to leave. But then Kaity reveals that she doesn't have a lot of friends. She asks Loca if she can chill with her friends, and after reminiscing over when she first joined the gang, she replies to Kaity "No. Later.", and walks away.  It was also revealed in a video called "Fisheye Fun PART 2!!: Gillz and Bryan had secks in a tree?!" that her real name is Catalina Gonzalez.

Additional characters:

Kaity: Kaity Sanders is known for being a rich, spoiled mean girl. She first appears in the minisode "Kaity Sanders". In the minisode, it was revealed that Kaity did some mean things to Faith and Sarah, like writing "I love man boobs" on Sarah's locker, and putting sardines in Faith's backpack. But the gang still treat her as a friend anyway. In the minisode "Only Lame-Os Sleep At Sleepovers", it is rumored that Kaity has a crush on Andrew. Kaity has an ex-boyfriend named James who lives in Canada. Sometimes, when James is mentioned to her, she vomits (never on-screen). In the minisode "I Scream, You Scream We All....Play Blackjack?" Kaity, Faith, and Alice try to make vanilla ice cream from scratch and Kaity smashes the "ice cream" mixture in a Ziploc bag with a dog brush pretending it's her ex-boyfriend James' head. Kaity also has a collection of china dolls. In a video called "GILLZ VS. KAITY VS. SHORTZ (post cali)" it was revealed that Kaity made out with Faith's boyfriend Jake (Pogz).

Alice: Alice Gillen (sometimes referred to as "Kansas" because that's where she was born.) is Faith's stepsister. She is first seen in the minisode "Alice". At first, Alice kept getting picked on by Loca, but she picked on Loca back without Faith knowing. But later on, they became friends. Alice is only seen in 3 minisodes.

Victoria (Shortz): Victoria Schwartz (aka Shortz) is the Jewish roller-skater of the gang. She is only seen on the show in 3 minisodes, "Only Lame-Os Sleep At Sleepovers", "Gillz&Shortz:: Friends Or Enemies?", and "The Secret". In the minisode "The Secret", it was revealed that she had a crew in California that Faith's ex-boyfriend Bryan was also part of. Shortz also plays hockey, which is never seen in any episode or minisode. In the minisode  "Gillz&Shortz, Friends Or Enemies?", she shows Faith a trick involving a lighter and a can of hairspray.

Bryan: Bryan Ventura is Faith's ex-boyfriend. Bryan is only on the show in the minisode "They Did What?", and is also mentioned in the first episode, and the minisode "Battle Of The Bands". It is rumored that Faith and Bryan had sex, but Faith seriously denies it. It was also revealed in the minisode "The Secret" that Bryan was in Shortz's crew in California.

Jake (Pogz): Jake Hoge (aka Pogz) is Faith's current boyfriend. He is never seen on the show, or even mentioned.

James: James Fenton is Kaity Sanders' ex-boyfriend who moved away to Canada. The gang considers him a stalker.

Loco: Loco is Loca's twin brother. He is never seen on the show, or even mentioned. Him and Loca planned to go to California together, but Loca got on the wrong plane and ended up in Long Island. Loco is never shown, but in a photo of him, he has long black hair, wears a black hat, a blue bandana over his mouth, and a nose ring.

Mr. Gillen: Mr. Gillen is Faith's dad and Alice's stepdad. He is only seen in the minisode "I Scream, You Scream, We All....Play Blackjack?" In the minisode, he plays Faith in a game of blackjack, Faith bets him a sponsorship she found in Tibet for some unknown thing. Mr. Gillen bets on Faith's surfboard. When he loses, he says that he's out, and walks out.


JAFSvideos also did a cartoon version of "That '90s Show" called "That '90s Cartoon". Where the gang sits around in either Faith's bedroom because of all the posters on the wall, or the basement because there's a couch. And they answer questions sent in by their viewers. Faith and Andrew sit in beanbag chairs and Loca and Sarah sit on the couch. Sarah doesn't appear in the first "That '90s Cartoon" video.

In 2010, JAFSvideos closed its account, and there's a possibility that "That '90s Show" won't make a comeback. But I don't see any reason why it should. The show takes place in the year 1998. That's 2 years before the end of the '90s decade! Why couldn't "That '90s Show" take place in 1996 just like "That '70s Show" took place in 1976? Plus, most of the characters had their own YouTube channels like 90sShowLoca, 90sShowGillz, 90sShowLoco, 90sShowShortz, 90sShowJames, and 90sShowSarah, and just did normal videos. Plus, back in 2009, they posted a promo for an episode of "That '90s Show" that's supposed to take place on New Year's Eve 1999 because it mentioned something about Y2K, and towards the end of the video, you can hear the gang count down to midnight. But the episode never aired because it was never filmed. There were also supposed to be one or two more episodes before the so-called "Y2K episode", but unfortunately, those one or two episodes were never filmed either. (Just so you know, the name of the "That '90s Show" promo is called "Coming Soon To JAFSvideos....".) So, believe me when I say this, the YouTube series "That '90s Show" is the lamest YouTube series ever! So, I say to you, the cast of "That '90s Show", later much, lame-os!

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